A Brief History of Franklin Church

For nearly 175 years the congregation of believers in Plain Township have progressed in ministry and the development of church facilities. The church you now see at 7171 Central College Road is the second building to house the congregation. The congregation was established prior to 1836, and while records are not conclusive, it is believe the congregation orginated in the area in about 1800. On August 5, 1836, an agreement to build the United Brethren in Christ Church in Plain Township was reached between Jacob Waggoner, owner of the land, and the trustees of the meeting house for $875. This structure was built of sun-dried bricks with walnut and oak beams. Walnut pews were provided for the same cost. The church was heated with two potbelly stoves and an entry and exit were made by way of two doors at the front. In 1947, the local trustees purchased an extra acre of land north of the church from Paul Baker, which was marked for future use. In 1948 the original local church was moved onto a basement and the structure was modernized at a cost of $15,000. At this time a vestibule was added at the front and inside restroom facilities to the rear. A parsonage was constructed in 1953 at a cost of $12,000 and much donated labor by members and friends. In 1955 another half acre of land was purchased east of the church to provide ample parking and recreational facilities.


On Easter Sunday in 1970, ground was broken for the new church facilities at its present location. The dedication of this building was held on December 13, 1970 and the building was completed at a cost of $168,000. A $110,000 mortgage was repaid in just slightly over 15 years, and the note burning service was held in June 1985. The original three acres of land at the present location was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Chester Doran. Two additional acres were later purchased. Three more acres were donated by Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Hill, upon which a shelter house was built in 1984 at a cost of $8,500. The total acrerage of the church is approximately 8 acres. In 2001 ground was broken for a 3,500 SF $400,000 expansion. The new building included classrooms, a large youth room, new restrooms, offices, and a new entry area. The expansion project was comlpeted in 2003 and a $150,000 renovation project of the "old church" immediately began. This project was completed in 2004. After expansion and renovation attention focused on developing church property. A five acre Memorial Park was dedicated in the summer of 2004 and continues to be developed.


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