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Children are welcome to join their families in the worship service; however, age-appropriate experiences in what we call Junior Church are also available. Our Children's Ministry has 3 main goals: 

  1.  To Grow Roots in Jesus!
  2.  Build Relationships!
  3.  Have Fun!

The first goal is also our greatest goal! We want children to learn about Jesus when they come to church. Every week should be another message bringing students back to the love of Jesus Christ. This comes out of the Great Commission to go and spread the Good News, and we unabashedly shout from the mountain tops that Jesus is our friend, Savior, and King!


We also want children to build relationships! First, as always, build their relationship with Jesus. Second, is to build their relationship with others. We want children to come to church and have friends that they know and care about. We want to help them see these peers as their brothers and sister in Christ, who love and support each other through their growth as people, students, and Christians. Thirdly, we want to build relationships between children and volunteers. All children need mentors to model behavior and thought processes. At Franklin, we want the children in our church to look to their Children's Ministry leaders as those models! That does not mean that we expect perfection from leaders and volunteers, it means that we show children what it is like to walk in the merciful grace of Jesus.


Our third goal for the Children's Ministry at Franklin Church is all about wanting children to have fun. We want kids to be excited about coming to church every week. This means welcoming them with smiling arms, having relevant material, playing fun activities, and keeping the energy level high. 


Our classroom names all refer to the growth of a tree.


Seeds - Sprouts - Saplings - Trees


Each child is at a different place within their walk, but even our infants, can, and will be learning about Jesus. Similarly, the first thing a seed does, is begin growing roots. Those roots become the life system which feed and water the plant so that it can become strong and healthy. They are the support system which hold the plant up in stormy or bad weather. Just like how we want children to lean on Jesus and grow in His Word.


Seeds (Newborn - 17 months): In our Seeds group or Nursery, volunteers may read a Bible story, play Christian music, pray over your infant, or simply watch over your child as they play freely. A crib, changing station, and rocking chair is available for your use. Nursing mothers are also welcome in the Nursery. Feel free to stay with your child or you may leave them in the care of our loving volunteers. For liability and safety issues, our volunteers do not change diapers. You will be contacted should your child require a diaper change.


Sprouts (18 months - 3 years):  Sprouts share the Nursery with our Seeds and are encouraged to explore the lessons through play.

Feel free to stay with your child you may leave them in the care of our loving volunteers.  For liability and safety issues, our volunteers do not change diapers. You will be contacted should your child require a diaper change.


Saplings and Trees (4 years - 5th Grade): After worship songs in the main sancturay, this age group is invited to attend a fun-filled "Junior Church" program where the message of God's love will be presented at a more kid-friendly level. Two classes are available - "Saplings" ages 4 years thru Kindergarten; and "Trees" for 1st grade thru 5th grade. Snacks are provided so please be sure to notify the volunteer if your child has any allergies, etc. 

*We are currently re-building our Junior Church program. Junior Church is not being offered at this time, but we hope to re-open this program soon. "Activity Packets" for use during the worship service can be picked up at the back of the sanctuary for children age 4 years thru 5th grade. 

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